The Last Time I Lied - Book Review

The Last Time I Lied - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

The Last Time I Lied  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Riley Sager
Publisher - Penguin Random House

My second book from Riley Sager in a reverse order and I am smitten by his writing. He is a perfectionist in writing thriller and the way the story is plotted, you can find clues thrown at you at regular intervals and in the end they all start making sense.

The book is about an girls camp around Lake Nightingale where 3 girls go missing 15 years ago who were in the same cabin with Emma Davies. 15 years later, Emma who is now a famous artist, is invited into the same camp and three girls who are staying with her in the same cabin, again go missing and Emma is under the investigation radar. Emma, the one who is determined to find the mystery behind the disappearance of girls in her cabin, is only encountered with dangerous revelations and challenges.

I simply love Riley Sager's writing style. I devour short chapters and not forgetting to mention the intriguing sentence at the end of each chapter which makes you read the next one. The flashback chapters as answers to the questions raised by the previous chapters, a superb storytelling. The location of the camp, lake, woods, boulders is so descriptive, I felt like camping there with Emma Davies.

I'll definitely recommend this to those who devour thrillers!