When Trudeau said that he has more Sikhs in his cabinet than Modi

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, who in his recent visit to US made this statement when he was being appreciated about the number of Sikhs in his cabinet.
I got more Sikhs in my cabinet than Modi does. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada

A wave of laughter spread afterwards when a student named Jahan, from Punjab province of Pakistan told the Canadian Prime Minister that it was great to see so many Punjabis in his cabinet.

He was justified in saying so because currently PM Modi's cabinet has two Sikh ministers out of 66 ministers:
  1. Maneka Gandhi - born as a Sikh (Minister of Women & Child Development)
  2. Harsimrat Kaur Badal (Minister of Food Processing)
Trudeau's cabinet has four Sikh ministers out of 31 ministers:
  1. Harjit Sajjan (Defence Minister)
  2. Bardish Chagger (Minister of Small Business and Tourism)
  3. Amarjeet Sohi (Minister of Infrastructure & Communities)
  4. Navdeep Bains (Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development)
Harjit Sajjan, a turbaned Sikh, who had been deployed 3 times to Afghanistan in his military service and won several medals for his bravery. Today, he is responsible for the one of the highest cabinet posts and takes the responsibility of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces of Canada.

Justin Trudeau, a political heartthrob, whom I first found out about as a handsome MP who sooner became the Prime Minister of the second largest country in the landmass, Canada.

Trudeau, a former teacher of Mathematics and French, may look young but he has a vast political experience under his belt. Politics runs in the family as his father, Pierre Trudeau, was 15th Prime Minister of Canada who served the office from March 3, 1980 - June 30, 1984.

Another striking quality of Justin Trudeau's cabinet is the gender parity. Justin Trudeau, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, has 31 ministers in his cabinets including him. Out of which 15 ministers are females who constitute 50% of the cabinet. Justin Trudeau calls himself "a proud feminist". On being asked about the importance of gender parity in his cabinet, his reply was as usual short and witty,"Because it's 2015." 

Let's learn from this great political leader what a true democracy is who has embraced the diversity working in his country's favour. On the other hand, it is disheartening to see that we are still swamped with the hate cloud of intolerance, reservations and anti-nationalism where we do not miss a single opportunity of questioning other religions or communities. Our political scenario needs a positive change of diversification because ...

It's 2016!

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