The Sentence Is Death - Book Review

Book Review - The Sentence is Death - Incredible Opinions

The Sentence Is Death ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
Author - Anthony Horowitz
Publisher - Harper Collins

I had to go and pick "The Sentence is Death" after reading "The Word is Murder". It was simply irresistible. I think I've recently developed a love for Anthony Horowitz's writing and it is about time when I buy his "Magpie Murders".

This book is second to the Hawthorne detective series. If you've read the "The Word is Murder", this book might make a little more sense from an angle of character development for the main characters but on an overall level, this book is fine to be read as a standalone. This book deals with another case of a celebrity-lawyer, Richard Pryce's murder and Daniel Hawthorne is hired as a consultant to the Police to solve the murder mystery. Anthony Horowitz is being requested by Daniel to write a book about him solving this case again to which Anthony reluctantly agrees again and in order to accomplish this, he accompanies Hawthorne everywhere. There is an accident involved which happened 6 years before Richard's death which interlinks with the current murder investigation and it is an absolute charm to read this mystery "masterpiece" to see how everything is revealed.

This book has everything you look for in a murder mystery and I love the camaraderie between Anthony and Hawthorne. The perfect murder mystery where every character looks like a prime suspect until you move to the next. There have been so many clues dropped at times but you realize it later when you jot them down.

Thank you Anthony for giving us such a thriller with a few bouts of laughter!