The Sun Is Also A Star - Book Review

The Sun Is Also A Star

The Sun Is Also A Star  ⭐⭐⭐
Author - Nicola Yoon
Publisher - Penguin Random House

My first book from Nicola Yoon and I couldn't wait more to know the reason of all the hype this book has created.

It is yet another YA romantic book I read recently and I found 'The Sun Is Also A Star' written a bit SMARTER than the others. The whole book documents a day in the life of a Jamaican immigrant girl and a Korean American boy who meet, fall in love and separate from each other - over the course of mere 12 hours. For me, it is a little superficial to believe "love at first sight" and "she is perfect" in a same day about someone.

Natasha, a Jamaican immigrant girl, is soon to be deported to Jamaica because of her undocumented status in America. Daniel, a Korean American boy, is going for an interview for his admission to Yale to be doctor against his own wish. His parents want him to be a doctor so he's living up to his parent's expectations.

Natasha believes in science and facts but Daniel is a poet at heart and believes in fate and God. Nicola wrote this book beautifully and smartly from the perspectives of science, art and the universe. The universe perspective extends the reader's thinking beyond the love story of 2 main characters. This book also teaches us that everything that happens in our lives if seen from both scientific and artistic perspective, it would be more accurate and complete rather than just judging it from one perspective.

The book is nicely written in very short chapters and I love short chapters. Nicola's writing style is super easy to read and I'd definitely recommend it to people who are looking for some YA spark.