Lily And The Octopus - Book Review

Lily and the octopus - Book review - incredible opinions

Lily And The Octopus ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Steven Rowley
Publisher - Simon & Schuster

On my TBR for almost 3 years, finally got the opportunity to read it. There has always been a feeling that it might be tear-jerking emotional ride reading it but it is always emotional when it comes to discussing people we love, isn't it?

This book is an amazing piece of literary fiction by Steven Rowley which leaves us with feelings of loss of love and the love for the lost. When a 42 year old man, Ted Flask discovers a tumour on the head of his 12 year old dachshund, Lily he is devastated. He addresses Lily's tumour as "Octopus". He tries to fight with it on different occasions which is another level of fictional piece. Lily is the only companion his world is shattered to even think about losing Lily to cancer.

This book is about a feeling you have when you live with your loved ones who are suffering from a chronic illness. It takes you to the emotional ride of feelings when you keep trying to fight their illness in your mind and do everything possible to save them. If they don't survive the inevitable, it tells us to love the time we had with them and learn from the ways they loved us unconditionally. Contrary to some other readers, I didn't cry reading this book. I smiled. I lost my dog 3 years ago to an illness as well. I cherished the time I spent with him and this book is about moving on with the love our lost loves give us while keeping their memories with us forever.

I loved Steven Rowley's smart writing style. It is beautifully narrated and very heartwarming. I am definitely going to grab his another literary piece.