Before I Blame Anyone

Before I blame anyone - incredible opinions

How often have you blamed Government for not implementing a proper law and order? How often have you said that you are not satisfied with your current Government and want a change? Have you ever compared your country with the more developed ones and blamed it all on the Government for not having all the facilities?

Have we ever pondered what we have done for our country before blaming it on other resources? Blaming someone for not having the best in the country is, probably, the easiest thing to do. A common man is, somehow, the greatest power of any country. As they say, "Union is strength" when all the common men unite together, they don't need any other resource to depend on and wait for their expectations to come true.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Duties of a common man

Compassion, cleanliness, service, and truthfulness are some of the qualities a civilized human should possess in a society. In order to help a country grow and develop economically and socially, a common man should possess the following responsibilities:

Peace & Brotherhood

We can do a lot to make our country come forward. The first and foremost being the maintenance of peace amongst all the religions. India has, by far, maintained a lot of peace in the diversity. A country where people from 6 different main religions speaking 1,652 different mother tongues reside together, has been a great example of unity in diversity.

A Good Citizen

A good citizen should ensure that he/she know his/her rights and use them properly. If a citizen does not use his right to cast a vote, he loses the right to condemn the corrupted administrators in the power. Corruption, bureaucracy, greasing palms - all evolve from a common man when he accepts to practice it to make things easier for him. We should not need our politicians to come and tell us that we need to practice cleanliness.


We all should ensure that women in our society are treated equally as men. Charity begins at home so let us ensure that we treat our wives, sisters, and mothers no different than their male counterparts. Our society has been an age old patriarchal society. Time has changed and so should be the outlook of our society towards the women. Let's make sure that women are given equal rights as men at work, home and everywhere around you. 


Humanity is above all. We should help each other irrespective of color, caste, religion and language. If someone is in the need of dire help, let's not think of our priorities first. When someone is in a medical emergency on the road, let us not take selfies with the wounded and wait for someone else to take the initiative first. 

Before comparing our country with other countries we need to ask ourselves if we obey all the rules and regulations as strictly as their citizens do. Ignoring the red traffic lights, overspeeding, throwing garbage on the roads, and "chalta hai" attitude will never make any law and order work.
We, as citizens and also common people of our country, have the power to choose the best Government for us who can administer the changes needed for our society under the law. There is a reason, why we are called the largest democracy of the world. 


  1. Well explained, Thanks for writing such an useful article.

  2. You are right Vishakha. Agreed with all the points.Liked when you said- stop takign selfies...

    1. Thanks Upasna. This is what is happening around us, we talk about intolerance but we are getting insensitive as well. Had somebody helped her on time, Nirbhaya could have been alive today.

  3. Hi Vishakha, I loved your post.

  4. You have beautifully explained all the points and I am in total agreement on this. The thing I wonder is, common man is a generic term used for both males and females so do these points hold good for females too? They should be a good humans, peace loving, helpful and respect males too?
    Although, other points to ponder:
    - Patriotic towards his/her country?
    - Goal/result oriented?
    The aim is not to raise any finger on the article or author but to understand the content in a better way

    1. Thanks Harry, I have used the term "common man" for both men and women of our country. There is no way, a country can go forward without its women. All the above points mentioned are applicable for females too as there are many women in our country who are against the feminism. Since there can be many more ways in which we can help our country to go forward from the perspective of a common man, these were the few choices I prioritize. This is a long never-ending list but I have jotted down few which intrigue me the most.
      Thank you for appreciating Harry!

  5. Yes, a common man has great power.
    Like SRK says in Chennai Express- Don't underestimate it :)

    1. That's true Anita. Common man is the foundation of any nation and its development :)

  6. Well written Vishakha! If we all can change, the world we wish to see won't seem far ahead!

    1. Exactly Anmol. Blame game is the easiest thing to do when we need a change!

  7. Completely agree. Hearty compliments for penning such an eye-opener.

    Jitendra Mathur