The Last House Guest - Book Review

The Last House Guest - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

The Last House Guest ⭐⭐⭐
Author - Megan Miranda
Publisher - Simon & Schuster

A highly recommended book by bookish community and Reese Witherspoon Book Club. Yet another thriller I read this month and being a Reese Witherspoon Club fan, I couldn't wait to read it and as always I prioritized it in my TBR list. I think I expected a lot from this book and it failed at my expectations.

The book opens up to Littleport, Maine, a harbour town which is home to two different kinds of people. One who are local residents whose livelihood depends on the service of the visitors and others who are wealthy summer residents around the coastline. A strong friendship develops between a local resident Avery Greer and the summer visitor Sadie Loman and they have been inseparable for almost a decade until one summer Sadie is found dead. Avery manages the properties owned by Sadie's family.

Police rules it out as a suicide but Avery knows that Sadie can't commit suicide and smells murder. She goes on a mission to find the murderer herself and suspects someone in the community, her ex boyfriend Connor, Sadie's brother Parker or even a local detective. Parker, on the other hand, believes that Avery might have killed his sister. Avery tries to clear her name by going through the evidences and ends up clearing the facts before she is framed into the murder.

This book is good to read but is not that great. I have read a few thrillers before and I felt connected to the happenings in them and tried to connect the dots. This book might have delivered a lot of evidences but the dots never connected for me. I never felt hooked to the story. It switched timelines which is a positive point and the reader is able to go through 2 different timelines.

It was my first book from Megan Miranda and I am hopeful that I might like more of her work. There is never a bad book, I just didn't feel connected to it.