Into The Water - Book Review

Into The Water  ⭐⭐⭐
Author - Paula Hawkins
Publisher - Penguin Random House

My first book by Paula Hawkins. I wouldn’t say that I loved it but I liked it. I haven’t read her bestseller “The Girl On The Train” and I won’t be judging this book based on its predecessor.

The story revolves around a river that runs around the town and a single mother, Danielle Abbott, turns up dead at the bottom of the same river. There has been a history of deaths linked with the river and Danielle’s death dredges the secrets of all the deaths in the river dating back decades ago. Danielle’s sister, Jules, who left the town a long time ago and swore to never return, comes back to take care of Danielle’s teenage daughter.

I found the book slow at first but it all started making sense after 150 pages, and I was able to finish it in 2 sittings. There are so many characters in the story and the narration is penned from each character’s perspective. It wasn’t easy to keep track of what’s going on each character’s mind when there are 10 characters involved in details. There was a definite brilliance in writing from Paula Hawkin’s which brings the psychological suspense out with twists and turns. I wasn’t able to put the book down irrespective of certain flaws I endured while reading it.

I’d recommend It to fellow bookish people who haven’t read “The Girl On The Train” and they just like to read Paula’s work.