The Most Fun We Ever Had - Book Review

The Most Fun We Ever Had - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

The Most Fun We Ever Had  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Claire Lombardo
Publisher - Penguin Random House

This is the second book in this month which is 500+ pages long and don’t let the length of this book fool you. There wasn’t a single page or a moment in this book which I didn’t devour.

This book spans for almost half a century starting from Marilyn and David - the pillars of Sorenson’s family. They are one of the fortunate couples who stood by each other in thick and thin. Their four daughters continually strive to match the perfection, affection and satisfaction their parents portrayed all their life which results in messy and imbalanced lives. Isn’t this relatable? It is a story of every household where family is stronger when united but each of the members alone has his or her own secrets.

I am a sucker for family dramas and Claire Lombardo wrote one such family saga as her debut. All the characters are so relatable and I felt like a part of Sorenson’s family while reading this book. It was an emotional ride to go through all the heartaches and celebrations we all conjure in a family and yet stay together.

If you love family dramas, go for it!