Sherlock Holmes & The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Book Review

Sherlock Holmes - Incredible Opinions - Book Review

Sherlock Holmes & The Return Of Sherlock Holmes ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes

I am such a sucker for the classics and especially after watching Sherlock Holmes series in one single loop, there was no doubt that I had to pick this literary piece. Did I regret? Not at all. Almost more than 125 years old but so technical and timeless!

This book has 2 stories:

A Study in Scarlet
The story is engaging and this is where Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are introduced to each other. Rest is history! I was a little confused at the abrupt revelation of the murderer but then there is a whole second part dedicated to the background story of the murderer which totally made sense and it was so different and unputdownable.

The Sign of Four
Definitely, more engaging than the first story in the book and all the locations mentioned were so relative to me as I grew up near those places in India. The description of periodic era of British Invasion of India, rebellions and treasure hunting - all up to the mark!

Sir Arthur Donan Doyle is a very talented and clever mystery writer and his books are always entertaining. He has done a brilliant job in jotting down all the suspense in a short book. Nobody can question the character development of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as the whole world knows about them. Mr. Doyle's knowledge of medicine has been put to a great use by him for scientific deductions of Sherlock Holmes. I am a die hard Sherlock Holmes fan so definitely more Sherlock Holmes coming for me!

The Return Of Sherlock Holmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes is special for all the Sherlock Holmes's fans because when everyone presumed him dead, he returns in this book and continues his legacy detective work along with John Watson accompanying him and writing about his work.

This book contains 13 short stories of Sherlock's exceptional detective work. Sherlock is unequivocally my favourite fictional character and it is absolutely thrilling and interesting to read what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written almost a century ago. Sir Arthur has been a literary genius to pen those clever cases of crime and Sherlock's solutions to all of them.

An absolute delight for a Sherlock Holmes fans!