The Institute - Book Review

The Institute - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

The Institute  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Stephen King
Publisher - Simon & Schuster

My first from Stephen King and I admit that it is one of my #instagrammademedoit books. Do I regret it? Absolutely NOT.

The Institute starts with Tim Jamieson who is an ex-policeman and ends up working as a night knocker in a small town. The story shifts to Luke, a 12 year-old boy, who is kidnapped after killing his parents and is held captive in an institute with other kids who have special abilities like Telepathy and Telekinesis. These kids are treated with atrocious experiments in secretly running Institute. This book is about the journey of many such kids who want to get out of this institute.

I am impressed by Stephen King’s storytelling technique. In the beginning, the story of Tim Jamieson seems so irrelevant when Luke’s story starts unfolding only to realize that Tim and Luke are going to cross each other’s paths in the strangest way possible. I have witnessed a great characterization. So many characters but none of them is losing the details.

I am amused by Stephen King’s apt for horrific details of the crime and also relieved at the same time that he is not a serial killer. His digs at Trump are entertaining in the book and show his honest frustration and distrust with the power. If the book wasn’t enough to keep me on intrigued, the author’s note at the end tore me apart.

I haven’t read any of his other books so can’t really compare “The Institute” with any of his previous books but this has definitely made me go for his other works!