I am an avid reader who takes advantage of everyday's two-hour commute to and from work by reading books. The voracious reader inside me craves for another book with another story as soon as I finish one.
A list of books I've read so far with the ratings given by me:

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The Whole Golden World
liked it
My first book from Kristina and I found it very intriguing. Her writing style is capturing but the book could have been a little short, a little exaggerated.
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
did not like it
I liked her writing style but I didn't find it funny. I haven't finished it and I don't think I'll be able to finish it too.
tagged: didn-t-finish
Private India
it was amazing
Interesting read. I loved the thriller element and was always curious to know what happens next.
Such a Long Journey
really liked it
This book is about the lives of Gustad Noble and his family around the times when Bangladesh was created during Indo-pak war. Brilliant writing, description and characters!
The Splendor of Silence
really liked it
I found the story really exaggerated in the beginning but eventually it all started making sense. I really liked Ms. Indu's writing style and it was my first book of hers. Very interesting story and throws light on some "not so known" ti...
The Golden Son: A Novel
really liked it
Very intriguing and well researched like Shilpi's previous book. It leaves impression on the mind even days after reading it.
Luka and the Fire of Life
liked it
Very smart use of words with lots of puns. A brilliant description of an imaginary world. Definitely, not for those who don't like reading books about creative worlds.
The Kite Runner
it was amazing
Loved reading this book. No crap and no exaggeration. Hosseini's style of keeping the reader curious for next move is amazing!
A Good Indian Wife
really liked it
It is my first ever book by Anne and I really liked her choice of words. A common Indian story but told differently.
The Dowry Bride
liked it
This is my second book from Shobhan Bantwal and she raised a yet again another social issue prevalent in Indian society, Dowry System, in this book. Intrigued by her writing style, this one seems close to a bollywood movie.
The Forbidden Daughter
really liked it
This is my first book from Shobhan Bantwal. Her choice of entwining a story around a major social problem in India, where female fetuses have been aborted, is commendable. It did seem like a Bollywood story but if it keeps you entertaine...
The Sari Shop Widow
really liked it
One of Shobhan Bantwal's finest novels which enlightens the life of a widow with more choices as compared to a typical white saree clad widow who almost gives up living her own life.
Oleander Girl
it was amazing
I liked Chitra Banerjee's writing style. The situations and places in Kolkata and America are so beautifully described. The protagonist "Korobi" both in first person and third person speech is impressive. Simply can't put the novel down!
Witness the Night
it was amazing
Kishwar Desai has mysteriously woven the characters and story about female foeticide problem prevalent in Northern India. She has realistically interlinked the different problems creeping up like corruption, patriarchal norms, female foe...
The Bollywood Bride
it was amazing
Fantastic description of Indo-American life. Sonali pictured the insides of bollywood life beautifully.
Anusual: Memoir of a Girl Who Came Back from the Dead
really liked it
Good to know about an actress who everyone thought went into oblivion. Nice read!
All Aboard!
really liked it
I loved the cruise setting of the book. Very nice!
I Do! Do I?
really liked it
I can so relate myself to Kasturi and my husband to Purva. Amazing read! Finished it in a day as I was enjoying it and smiling while reading it. I love the language of the novel, so simple and connecting!