The Turn Of The Key - Book Review

The Turn Of The Key - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

The Turn Of The Key  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Ruth Ware
Publisher - Simon & Schuster

My first book from Ruth Ware and I saw it more advertised on my train than my bookstagram. I don’t usually get sold on the posters but this cover made me grab it. Did I like it? YES.

This book starts with a 24-year old, Rowan Caine, writing to her Lawyer from prison and explaining him the details of the house and the events where she worked as a nanny of 4 kids. She is accused in killing of a child she is nannying and is awaiting a trial for murder. The whole book is in the form of letters and I love when authors experiment with their writing styles.

It is a compelling and dark mystery thriller which piqued my interest right from the beginning. It did give me some creepy shrills on different occasions and it is just shows the sheer brilliance of the author. The atmosphere of the house, the description of the garden, the suspense - all kept me on edge and it was exactly I look for in a thriller.

I’d highly recommend it to those who enjoy creepy thrillers and I am looking forward to read more of Ruth Ware’s literary works.