From Scratch - Book Review

From Scratch - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

From Scratch ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Tembi Locke
Publisher - Simon & Schuster

I was putting this book off for a while because I was so much into reading psycho thrillers and murder mysteries. "From Scratch" is a Reese Witherspoon book club recommendation and I loved it. It was a such a beautiful love story and the unison between 2 families who are different in culture and race.

Tembi Locke fell in love with Saro at first sight when she visited Florence Italy during her exchange program at college. Saro, working as a chef, moved to Los Angeles with her and they both started their new life together. Saro's family in Sicily never approved Tembi as their daughter-in-law thus, they never attended the wedding. Saro and Tembi forged on to their lives and adopted a daughter at birth. Eventually, both the families reconciled as Saro had cancer and their dreams and hopes are shortened.

Spending 3 summers at Sicily with her mother-in-law and daughter without her husband, Tembi felt a strong connection to the place and the natives which once felt estranged to her. The stronger bonds and open-heartedness of the people made her find love in the loss of her husband. She found home amongst the people who cared for her and told her that she mattered to them. Food had been the love language and she found comfort and solace in her mother-in-laws's kitchen. The flavours of the place reminded her of the love and more importantly, life is delicious.

Tembi's writing has been so beautiful throughout it was impossible to put the book down. This book tells us to embrace life as it comes to us with open arms and one brick at a time.