The Bromance Book Club - Book Review

The Bromance Book Club - Book Review

The Bromance Book Club ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Romance
Author:  Lyssa Kay Adams
Published in:  November 2019
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“That’s why fiction resonates with people. It speaks to universal truths.” ― Lyssa Kay Adams, The Bromance Book Club


What's better than a romance novel? A romance novel from a male perspective. The Bromance Book Club is a romantic, adorable, sweet, and sexy entertainer which adds a twist to typical rom-com.

The Bromance Book Club involves Thea and Gavin who are on the verge of ending their marriage but Gavin wants to salvage it. Thus, his friends who run a book club - "The Bromance Book Club" where they read romance novels to "woo" their spouses, try to help Gavin to win his wife's heart back.

Reading a much-hyped book stresses me out because I might not end up liking it the way it received the love from other fellow book lovers. This book has just the perfect amount of romance, cheesiness and humour that cannot go awkward. I loved the romantic views from a male perspective which I never read before so that is a +1 from me.

The Bromance Book Club

Reference of Regency romance book in between the chapters without overwhelming the reader is a sign of good narration which linked the life events of Gavin and Thea to that of Countess and Earl. Everyone makes mistakes and relationships are all about learning together. All the adorable ways Gavin goes to win his wife back will swoon you.

All the characters seem realistic and relatable. The writing is superb and flows effortlessly. I felt the end being a little rushed, otherwise, this book could have been a solid 5 star read for me.

If you read rom-com, I highly recommend this book.