Magpie Murders - Book Review

Magpie Murders - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Magpie Murders ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Anthony Horowitz
Publisher - Harper Collins

Did I ever announce that Anthony Horowitz is my favourite whodunnit author. I am saying it now. This is my third book from Anthony and probably, the best so far. I cannot even begin to imagine how the planning of this book would have been done. It is a novel within a novel and a murder within a murder mystery.

Magpie Murders consists two murder mysteries, one within another and both of them equally fascinating and unputdownable. Alan Conway, a murder mystery writer, gives his last book of whodunnit to publishers at Cloverleaf books. His book has double murder mystery but the last pages of his book are missing where the revelation is done. Before the publishers can pursue him for the missing pages, Alan is dead. Now, the editor of Cloverleaf house, Susan Ryeland goes after the missing pages not only to find the killer of the writer Alan Conway but also the reason of missing pages in his last book.

Magpie Murders is not only a whodunnit but it also implores the psychology and relationship of a whodunnit author. His relationships with his most prominent creation, his audience, his publishers, his family, his success and his failures.

It is an interesting, smart, well-plotted and superbly written novel in a Golden Age style mystery which has a mystery within a mystery. There were clues all over the book about whodunnit but I was never able to guess. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Definitely the best whodunnit I've ever read!