Whisper Network - Book Review

Whisper Network - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Whisper Network ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Chandler Baker
Publisher - Flatiron Books

I kept putting this off until one day I just started reading it without any expectation and my god, I absolutely loved this book. I thank Reese Witherspoon book club for recommending this.

Four women in a corporate world who are friends with each other and they share 1 common thing - harassment by their boss. They have been hearing whispers around them, they have been subjects of rumours and disparate treatment in a male dominate environment. When they say "no" to finally covering up for him and decide to sue him, things take ugly turn. They don't want to be seen as vulnerable and raw.

Chandler Baker has done a commendable job by bringing up the elephant in the room in any work environment these days which is sexual harassment and bias towards women. It has been a very bold topic to write especially during #metoo times and Chandler has explained it in the form of 4 strong women with rich descriptions of their powerful role as mothers, wives, colleagues, friends as well as corporate lawyers yet being harassed by a man. Chandler explained how these negative behaviour starts imbibing into women's life during early years of life with Abigail's example.

Chandler's writing was impeccable throughout and all the characters are very well developed. As the book advances, readers get to know more about the characters. Another plus point was the short chapters! I loved all the special quotes and women experiences in the beginning of the chapters. Every woman could relate herself to those. This book not only speaks about an important topic but also an entertaining thriller and the climax is breathtaking.

I am certainly going to read more of Baker's books because she knows the formula how to pique her readers' interests.