Think forward not backward

Think forward not backward - birth never decides worth
Once again, the beautiful state of Haryana who has produced legends like Kapil Dev, Virender Sehwag, Vijender Singh and Saina Nehwal, is gripped by riots. It has been more than 10 days and the state of Haryana is bursting with protests, anger and violation.

Jats are demanding themselves to be included in Backward Class (BC) quota so that they can get reservation in jobs and education. In order to convince the Government and to make their voices heard, they are causing violent disturbances in the state due to which 19 people have already lost their lives. Army has been deployed to clear the blockades caused by the protesters which were affecting the communication network and water supply to the areas needing them the most.

Hardik Patel from Gujarat and now Jat community in Haryana  - same demand, same social ruckus. How justified are they for their demands by causing such an upheaval?

Jats in Haryana are considered quite well off and acquire huge land mass. They are basically from  a farming community but they have good economic status in Haryana, Punjab and some parts of UP. Why, on earth, are they demanding such an uncorroborated reservation in jobs and asking themselves to be included in Backward Class.  Their protests have already cost the damage of Rs. 34,000 crore to North Indian states. (source:NDTV).

In India most of the scholarships or student aid is available only for OBC's, SC, ST, BC, Women, Minorities & Muslims. Around only 0.7% of scholarships or student aid in India is based on merit. Source

'Secular' and democratic India has been ironically shackled by the reservation system in place based on 'castes'. Reservations were introduced in India only to uplift the lower strata of the society so that they could have equal opportunities in jobs and education. The situation has changed after 68 years of independence. The lower strata of the society cannot be calculated merely on the caste system. Economic factors play major role. A poor is a poor irrespective of his caste, so why caste is the main component for providing opportunities? Why a (BC) backward class person having basic luxuries of life and education should be given more opportunities than a poor person whose caste is probably not among the BC or OBC category? Either reservation system should be abolished completely or should be applicable only to the economically weak strata.

In 2016, where people leave no stone unturned to move forward, we Indians are still convincing our Government to include us in backward categories to avail ourselves of the opportunities which we don't deserve otherwise.

Government of India should take relevant steps in solving this unjustified reservation demands by Jat community. If Jats are holding the whole Northern India at ransom to convince governments to meet their demands, do they really deserve reservation? If somehow, government accepts their demands, they should better be ready for the storm of agitation in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.


  1. These people really need awareness . Thanks for your topic vishakha. Keep it up!

    1. Yes, we do lack courage in implementing the justified use of reservation system. I hope more educated people come forward and express their concern about this injustice being done!

      Thank you for dropping by!

  2. Really great info about haryana. Indian State. Im from there.
    and i update a lots of news from haryana @ ndtv news. and for knowing all breaking updates