Review Policy

If you are an author or a publisher, I am always happy to accept books in exchange for an honest review on Incredible Opinions. I love reviewing books from small publishers. I accept hardcovers, paperbacks and ebooks on Netgalley. I have worked with many authors as well as the publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Minotaur Books, Bookouture, Harper Collins and Harper Perennial.

Please consider that all my reviews are my own opinion and are solely based on what I thought of the book at the time I read it. It may be possible that I won't like your book. Please note that I reserve the right to write a negative, albeit respectful comment based on that. I expect you to accept the constructive criticism graciously as well.

If the book is an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy), I'll try to post the review before or on the publishing date. I reserve the right to not write a review of the book should I not feel comfortable or I have nothing to say about the book.

After reviewing the book, I post them on my goodreads, instagram and my blog. If you want me to post it on amazon, please mention it in the details.

I generally read fiction but I do try my best widen the horizon of my reading genres including non-fiction. Here are some of my most-read genres:

  • Historical Fiction
  •  Literary Fiction
  •  Thriller/Mystery
  •  Horror
  •  Science-Fiction

If you would like me to review your book, please contact me via email or the contact form on my blog (in the footer). I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.