Anyone - Book Review

Anyone - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Anyone  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Charles Soule
Publisher - Harper Collins

This is my first book by Charles Soule so I am completely unbiased in my opinions of this book without comparing it with its predecessors by Charles.

“Anyone” is about the creation of “Flash”, a technology which enables its user (prime) to transfer their consciousness into another person’s body while the host’s (vessel’s) consciousness becomes inactive. The story is beyond interesting and so is Soule’s storyboarding.

I really enjoyed my wild ride into Charles brilliant writing of two alternate timelines. One timeline when the “flash” was invented and another one 25 years later when it is being used/abused worldwide.

This action-packed science-fiction is full of scientific terms which are complex yet realistic. The confluence of both the timelines has been so exciting and full of twists. Short chapters and a twist at the end of each chapter kept me intrigued and I couldn’t turn pages fast enough.

Charles Soule has brilliantly put his foot forward with his futuristic science-fiction novel which talks about the elephant in the room, the ethical use of technology and the fine line between its use and abuse.

I really liked Charles writing and his book. I am confident to say that if it was my first book by Charles Soule, it wasn't my last from him. I am sure that I am going to have this book’s hangover for a while.

Thank you Netgalley and Harper Perennial for sending me an advance copy to review.