The Word Is Murder - Book Review

The Word Is Murder - Incredible Opinions

The Word Is Murder ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
Author - Anthony Horowitz
Publisher - Harper Collins

Sometimes I surprise myself when I make good decisions and picking this book up someone left at the "romance" section is definitely one of those decisions. The cover of the book fascinated me and I couldn't resist. "The Word Is Murder" is one such book which is not "much" hyped up on instagram and I wonder why.

The book starts with the lady, Diana Cowper, going to a funeral parlour and booking her own funeral She is murdered the same evening. Coincident? Daniel Hawthorne, an ex-Policeman who is mysterious in his own ways but very efficient. He is being hired as a consultant by Police to solve the murder case of Diana Cowper. Daniel approaches Anthony, a famous writer, to write about the case he's solving so he must accompany him everywhere. A concept of "Sherlock Holmes" and "Watson"? pretty much.

Diana's son, Damian Cowper, is a famous celebrity star living in LA and he visits London for his mother's funeral. He also gets killed brutally shortly after her funeral. Hawthorne has now 2 murders to solve. Anthony has to write a book with Hawthorne being chippy and mysterious and not giving away too many details about himself. So, how the murders are investigated, how they are solved and how they are documented in the book "The Word Is Murder" - you must read this to know!

Anthony Horowitz didn't only write this book, he is in the book and narrated the whole story in the first-person narrative. The English background of the book and the use of British vocabulary also piqued my interest. A clever, brilliant and unputdownable book which I recommend to all the book lovers who love murder mysteries.

It was my first book from Anthony Horowitz and he is "bloody" brilliant at what he is writing. I am definitely looking forward to read more of his books!