Bunny - Book Review

Bunny - Book Review - Incredible Opinions
Bunny  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Horror, Fiction
Author: Mona Awad
Published in:  June 2019
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“The poets brace themselves for imminent, overeducated poverty.” ― Mona Awad, Bunny


The title and the cover intrigued my interest when I first saw it nominated in the best horror novel for Goodreads Choice awards for 2019. One of my favourite genres and written by a Canadian author - I am sold.

Don't get fooled by the delicate furry animal on the cover. Bunny by Mona Awad is not delicate on readers. It is brain-wrenching, gut-wrenching and baffling. One such book which I kept turning pages to know what happened next because I was drowning in that "rabbit hole" and it was impossible to come out of it.

It is hard to review this book without giving anything away. All I can tell is, that 'Bunny' is a unique book and I've never read this kind of imaginative book before which blew my mind to that extent. I loved it, hated it, turned pages, put it away, but the end made me fall in love with it. It is one of those books which you can put it away but can't stop thinking about it.

All the characters in the book are unlikeable, including the main character Samantha. I didn't need to like the character to like the book. Her character is in sync with the flow of the story, and I enjoy it. The vivid descriptions of the settings and the characters, the categorical structure in three phases and the ending, all are excellent.

If you love reading a book which has imagination, mind-blowing storytelling, character-driven plot intertwined with cult horror, grab this book.