If You Want To Make God Laugh - Book Review

If You Want To Make God Laugh - Book Review - Incredible Opinions
If You Want To Make God Laugh  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Historical Fiction
Author: Bianca Marais
Published in:  July 2019
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“The universe speaks in clues and signs, gentle nudges and hints, rather than pontifications and proverbs, commandments and condemnations. I have trusted its signs all my life, which is why I listened when it seemed like it wanted me back here.” ― If You Want To Make God Laugh, Bianca Marais


If you've read 'Hum If You Don't Know The Words' already, you know that Bianca Marais is capable of writing unforgettable stories which are not only beautiful but also inspiring.

'If You Want To Make God Laugh' is a story about three strong women in South Africa in the post Apartheid period, who are having an existential crisis at different stages of their lives. They interestingly cross each other's path, and without giving away any spoiler, all I can say that the author blew my mind with the fantastic narration and the subtlety with which she addressed some intense issues of racism, sexual abuse, AIDS, and the stigma of homosexuality.

I loved all the three main characters of Ruth, Delilah and Zodwa. They are heartbroken yet strong and inspiring in their unique ways. They are full of love and not ready to dwell on the past. Their lives may not have ended up how they wanted them to be, but they are hopeful and full of heart.

The writing is excellent, and the story is fast-paced. Short chapters narrated from 3 different POVs of Delilah, Ruth and Zodwa not only makes the narration interesting but also builds the kinship with all three main characters.

I'd recommend this powerful, heart-warming and exceptional book to everyone.