Firestarter - Book Review

Firestarter - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Firestarter  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Horror, Fiction
Author: Stephen King
Published in:  September 1980
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“The brain is a muscle that can move the world.” ― Firestarter, Stephen King


'Firestarter' is my ninth Stephen King book in chronological order and what a surprise package it was! Quite underrated and not much-talked-about, Firestarter is one hell of a terrifying book without any ghostly character.

Charlie McGee, a seven-year-old girl with her uncontrollable power of pyrokinesis, can create fire with her mind. Firestarter, like some of other Stephen King books, doesn't haunt you with demons or ghosts. It has the potential of causing fear, tension and paranoia. The twists and turns in the book made me turn pages quickly.

Stephen King has been a master storyteller, and 'Firestarter' is one such exemplary work of his in which when the plot gets slow-paced, he puts depth in the character development and makes it more interesting.

I loved Charlie's relationship with her father, Andy. It is adorable, and seeing Andy going through so much to save his daughter was unbearable and emotional. On the other hand, the antagonist gave me creepy vibes from his appearance and his obsession with Charlie. His demeanour and dialogues were hitting the bull's eye to create panic, and his love for Charlie made me sick.

If you're looking to start reading Stephen King or you're already a fan of him, 'Firestarter' is a must-read Stephen King book.