Stone Mattress - Book Review

Stone Mattress - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Stone Mattress  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Fiction
Author: Margaret Atwood
Published in:  2014
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“There’s only so long you can feel sorry for a person before you come to feel that their affliction is an act of malice committed by them against you.” ― Margaret Atwood, Stone Mattress


When I think of short stories, I think of stories which are compact enough to escape me to a world for a short period and then land me safely to the actual world. When a master storyteller like Margaret Atwood writes such short stories, you need to forget about coming back to the real world because these stories stay with you for long.

Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood is a collection of nine 'wicked' tales. All the nine exceptional stories are a mirror to the ugly and vicious face of humanity. All the stories deal with old age protagonists. They often seem to lose their presence in most books, but Atwood wrote the whole book based on them. Her writing is witty, razor-sharp and full of dark humour. Atwood's insightful writing lets you delve into the lives of seniors who are depressed but full of experiences.

Ranging from fantasy land to a genetic disease, from a horror-story writer to a vindictive ex, the author covered all the premises for exceptional background setups for the stories with her vivid imagination. While I enjoyed all the stories, the title story is my favourite.

Read Stone Mattress for the love of brilliant writing and originality. If you love reading short stories, you owe yourself this book.