The Woman In Cabin 10 - Book Review

The Woman In Cabin 10 - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

The Woman In Cabin 10  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Author: Ruth Ware
Published in:  July 2016
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“There’s a reason why we keep thoughts inside our heads for the most part—they’re not safe to be let out in public.” ― Ruth Ware, The Woman In Cabin 10


Who else loves Ruth Ware's books? The Woman In Cabin 10 is my third book by the author and my favourite so far, and it is one great thriller which is full of twists and turns. Ruth Ware is, officially, my auto-buy author now.

Laura (Lo) Blacklock, on her work assignment as a travel journalist aboard a small luxury ship called 'the Aurora' witnesses a body of a woman thrown into the sea with the blood smeared on the glass.

I liked how Ruth Ware tried to confuse the reader by creating a burglary scene before Lo Blacklock board the ship and witnessed the murder. It is so smartly linked with Lo's hallucinations and over-alertness. I got Agatha Christie vibes from this book as there were so many characters on the ship who could have been a murderer.

Ruth Ware's books have always made me read them in one or two sittings, and this book is no exception. A good-paced story with non-complex writing makes this book a real page-turner.

The main character of Lo reminded me of AJ Finn's 'The Woman In The Window' with her anxiety issues and trying to convince people what she saw. The main character was unlikable for me for the big part of the book. Having read so many Agatha Christie books, I am accustomed to reading books with so many characters. If you are not comfortable in keeping tabs with various characters, this book can confuse you.

Overall, it is an entertaining book by Ruth Ware. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves reading thrillers with sea settings.