The Bride Test - Book Review

The Bride Test - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

The Bride Test  ⭐⭐⭐
Author - Helen Hoang
Publisher - Penguin Random House

A sweet, cute and a steamy love story by Helen Hoang.

I haven't read her "The Kiss Quotient" yet but stumbled upon "The Bride Test" at my local bookstore and couldn't resist grabbing a copy since I heard so many good reviews about it.

The book involves Khai Diep from California and Esme from Vietnam. Khai Diep is handsome, successful and autistic. He thinks that he is not capable of returning affection and is not able to love anyone. All his mother wants is his son to get married even if it requires her to bring a bride from Vietnam. That's how Esme enters in Khai's life.

Esme, on the other hand, is cleaning bathrooms in Vietnam to earn bread and butter for her small family. She finds it a better deal for her family when Khai's mother asks her to spend the summer in California and seduce her son into getting married. All of Esme's attempts fail when she tries to seduce Khai but how the romance unfolds between them eventually is super cute to read.

Helen has done a brilliant job in flourishing the characters. Khai's autism has been shown in a positive way every time it was mentioned in the book and Esme has never been portrayed as a weak character who needs help of others to flourish herself. She works hard and studies so that she can be her own in a foreign land.

A quick read, a little cliché but overall a super cute love story.