Red, White & Royal Blue - Book Review

Red, White & Royal Blue - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Red, White & Royal Blue  ⭐⭐⭐
Author - Casey McQuiston
Publisher - Macmillan Publishers

Another popular book and I couldn't resist the desperation to read it. Unfortunately, I felt this book didn't live up to its expectations for me. I kept reading it anticipating something which I never read before but it is just an average book for me.

The plot of this book is appealing and in my opinion makes this book so popular. First Son of US (Alex) falls in love with Prince of Wales (Henry). A lot of repulsion between these two in the beginning as they hated each other but when they both were asked to pretend false friendship for tabloids in order to maintain international equilibrium, they discovered each other closely hence, falling in love with each other. Alex, who is busy in reelection campaign for his mother in President run finds his relationship with Henry as a gay couple affecting the campaign benefitting their opponents. Henry, on the other hand, is struggling to change the attitude of Buckingham Palace where any heir should be allowed to date how they want instead of confining them to Royal rules of dating.

The characters of White House are elaborated more than that of Buckingham Palace. I found story shifting briskly from one place to another where the characters are in US for one paragraph and in UK for the next. It could be just me but I had to go back and read the last page again to find what I missed.

The chemistry between Henry and Alex has been penned down nicely but sometimes it seems forced into the ongoing story.

The only thing that intrigued me about this book is the political arena of US presidency. It has all the twists and turns, plots, subplots, and characters which explored the White House's environment during elections.

Overall, an average read for me and if you like romantic comedy with political twists in it, grab the copy of Red, White & Royal Blue.