The One - Book Review

The One - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

The One  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - John Marrs
Publisher - Hanover Square Press

This book was recommended to me by the staff of the bookstore I go to. I can't thank them enough to recommend me this and of course to myself for believing them.

How would you react when you'd get an email saying that you are "matched"? A website which claims that they can find your soul mate based on your DNA, "THE ONE" you are genetically matched with. This approach of finding partners has its own pros and cons. It has not only caused breakups of many couples and but also has changed the concept of traditional dating and romance.

The story revolves around 5 such different couples who are affected by this website. Everything starts on a happy note until they all realize that there are perplexities in relationships and love is above all.

John Marrs has written a clever book expressing all the complexities of relationships in 5 different scenarios. It is very intriguing and simply kept me engaged until I finished the whole book in 2 sittings. Some might find that the end is a bit abrupt but I find there is a clever closure to all the 5 stories John is describing.

Worth recommending it to fellow readers who love to read thrillers!