Maybe In Another Life - Book Review

Maybe in another life - book review - incredible opinions

Maybe In Another Life  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Taylor Jenkins Reid
Publisher - Simon & Schuster

My fourth book from Taylor Jenkins Reid and I have been reading them in reverse order of their publishing time. TJR has a charm in her smooth writing which propels the read to flip through the pages.

This book is about Hannah Martin, 29, who hasn’t figured out her life. She has been through many cities and jobs but does not have a place to call “home” yet and is running away from a disastrous relationship. She comes back to LA to her best friend, Gabby and finds herself meeting Ethan, her high school boyfriend. Will Hannah have a chance to rekindle their relationship?

How many times do we say , “What if?”. TJR chose this concept and wrote a book about the repercussions of alternating choices. Written in parallel universe with two alternating choices Hannah can make, this book focuses on how much a decision can influence her life. It could be confusing for some readers. but reading TJR books lately, it wasn’t a bad choice to play with the parallel universe. In fact, I liked the concept.

As always, the characters in this TJR book are so relatable and so are their conversations. I always end up learning about my strengths from her books. There is no wrong decision, you just have to live up to it. It is not a perfect book but it is so good to see how much TJR’s writing has evolved.

If you are looking for a quick piece to read on a Sunday afternoon, grab this one! Highly recommended.