Sweet Little Lies - Book Review

Sweet Little Lies - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Sweet Little Lies  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Caz Frear
Publisher - Harper Collins

I just happen to stumble upon this book at my library and I immediately picked it up after reading the blurb at the back cover only to find out that this book was one of the Book Of The Month (BOTM) selections and after reading it, I am not surprised why.

‘Sweet Little Lies’ is a debut novel by Caz Frear and it is about twenty-six year old Cat Kinsella who is a homicide detective in London and is working on a case of Maryanne Doyle who is murdered and is also linked to her past in a strange way.

This book is written in two timelines - First, when Maryanne is linked to Cat during her childhood and second being the present when Maryanne is found murdered and her murder is being investigated.

I am a sucker for thrillers and police procedurals crime novels and this book delivers the same. Caz Frear has a brilliant way of constructing a complex character like Cat who is neither weak nor strong all the time. All the scenes inside the police station are so aptly described and the characters look so realistic.

Caz’s sense of humour and wittiness also make this book an interesting read along with the grimness of the crime. The climax was so unexpected and I could not have guessed it correctly even after reading so many crime novels. Kudos to Coz!

If you are looking for a quick page-turner crime novel, this must be a great choice!