And Then There Were None - Book Review

And Then There Were None - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

And Then There Were None  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Agatha Christie
Publisher - Harper Collins

I’ve only read one Agatha Christie before this one and I had been recommended this book a lot by Agatha Christie fans. This book has been rightly one of the World’s best selling books of all time, setting the standards of crime fiction.

The story involves around an island where ten random people from all walks of life are invited to stay in a solitary house on that island. They are murdered one after the another in a similar fashion described in a poem hanging in everyone’s room. If there is no one left on the island, who killed the last person? That’s the brilliance of Agatha Christie!

Christie didn’t need 500 pages novel to describe a murder. She described 10 murders in less than 300 pages. I could have never guessed the killer the whole time.

The settings of the island described in the book and twisted characters just show the brilliance of Agatha Christie. I would consider this book not only as a crime fiction but also a psychological thriller.

A highly recommended book for mystery and psychological thriller fans!