Everything I Never Told You - Book Review

Everything I Never Told - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Everything I Never Told you  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Celeste Ng
Publisher - Penguin Random House

I have read “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng earlier and it made me pick this one by her. I am not surprised at all to find her brilliance in portraying families exceptionally once again.

‘Everything I never told you’ is about an oriental family in the US, The Lees. Their daughter, aged 16, is found dead in the lake in the beginning and the whole story revolves around them as they try to find the reasons within themselves for their girl’s death.

Celeste’s prose is yet outstanding and her characters speak for themselves because they are so well portrayed. The dynamics between them is exceptional penned down, be it spouse relationship, father-son, father-daughter, mother-daughter, mother-son and siblings.

As the title of the book suggests, it is always about the things we never tell our families or they never get to hear which eat us up at some point. It is beyond my comprehension how Celeste Ng manages to write a book around that emotionally intricate subject with such a fascinating language.

The book also touches the subjects about sexism, racism and miscegenation without losing focus on the main subject of love and miscommunication between different members of the family.

I am always emotionally attached to the characters of Celeste’s books and I cannot wait for her next book to release. If you love reading family bonds and their resentments to each other, grab this one. Highly recommended!!!