Monday Morning Blues

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Ah! What a lovely weekend we had and now the stress begins...

Most of us go through the same agony every start of the week when we pamper ourselves with the stress-free weekend. We treat ourselves with an adequate amount of sleep which we hardly get on the weekdays. There is no work related stress to meet the project deadlines. We enjoy the time with our family and friends forgetting about how stressful we were in the last week.

Why is it that Mondays have to bear the brunt while we go to work on other weekdays as well?

  • Ditching the sleeping schedule: Most of us are tempted to sleep more on the weekends because we don't get enough sleep during the weekdays. More sleep ditches our sleeping schedule and we tend to sleep late on Sunday nights which in turn makes us sleep deprived on Monday mornings. Sleep deprivation make us tired and grumpy. It is better to have weekend sleeping schedule only until Saturday and let the normal sleeping schedule be back on Sunday. 
  • Leaving things on the last minute: Weekends are for relaxation but we also have some time to prepare for our weekdays. Weekends the perfect days for doing laundry and also for any ironing needed. Ironing your work clothes on monday morning when you are already have so many things lined up, will put you in stress for getting late to work.
  • Skipping breakfasts: It is very common that having a tighter schedule on early monday mornings while getting ready for work will make the most important part of the day to be skipped, the breakfast. Imagine skipping the petrol while for a long drive. Studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day which helps us in concentration. Would you like to stay hungry with your stomach growling in the meeting if you skip your breakfast?
  • Unprepared for the busy commute: Did you just make an excuse to your boss for getting late that there was a traffic jam on your way? Were you not prepared for it? Mondays are always busier as compared to other weekdays when it comes to commute. Be it a bus, train or your own car, you will find it very busy to get through the traffic hassle. Consequently, you'll end up making it to your work with stress to avoid getting noticed for coming late to work. Arriving early can make a positive impact psychologically on you. You can have some time in your hands to get prepared for any unexpected work landing at your desk.
  • Forget to smile: Ending up at your office late and being cranky due to sleep deprivation is not going to do any good to you and your colleagues. Make an extra effort to smile and your smile can be contagious. There will be a better environment at work and you'll enjoy your work.
  • Rome was not built in a day: If you think that everything needs to be done on Monday, you are probably wrong. There is always someone at the workplace who is famous for pressing the panic button. By the end of the day, you may realize that there was no need to rush things and it could have waited. That's what other weekdays are for. Not to forget, Mondays brings the promise to send the weekends in 4 days!
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  1. This is such a reality! Very interesting thing to be share! Poor Monday nobody wants it!

    1. Yes, Monday has always been the nightmares when it comes to go to work.