Lost by all means

Lost by all means - Incredible opinions

You brought me to the zoo to entertain you and your kids.
You made me live in an unnatural habitat and tried to convince me that it is my real home.
You separated me from my family.
When your family got separated from you, you killed me!

Probably, this is what 17-year-old Harambe would be thinking up in the heaven who was shot and killed by zoo authorities to save a 4-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure. Harambe, a silverback gorilla born at Gladys Porter Zoo, Texas was later brought to Cincinnati last year for a breeding program. The western lowland silverback gorillas are one of the endangered species and there are only 100,000 in existence.

Harambe - the incredible opinions

On May 28, 2016 when a child fell into his enclosure accidentally, it was unclear if Harambe was protective of the child or was aggressive towards him . The viral video on the internet shows Harambe dragging the child in the moat which could be dangerous for the child when he was being dragged by a 400 pounds animal. Even if he was trying to be protective, his massive body could be fatal for the little boy.

How did the child end up in the gorilla's enclosure? Were parents not paying enough attention to their child at the zoo? Was the child too eager to foresee the danger involved in crossing the fence and landing in gorilla's enclosure? The parents of the child have been shamed over the internet for letting this incident happen. Even the zoo authorities have decided to raise the fence so that the future accidents can be avoided. All we know is that the child ended up in a gorilla's home and Harambe was killed at his home.

Jerry Stones, who knew Harambe right from when he cut his umbilical cord, treated Harambe as one of his sons. He is also upset at Harambe's death but he chose not to give his opinion on the matter if the zoo authorities have done their best at the crucial time to save the child by killing Harambe. The 74-year-old started a Harambe Fund which will go to Gladys Porter Zoo where Harambe was born and raised. The funds will eventually be transferred to Mbeli Bai Study which works for the wildlife conservation.

Here is the instagram post from Gladys Porter Zoo when they transferred Harambe from Galdys Porter Zoo, Texas to Cincinnati zoo 20 months ago.

Captivity of animals is bad and is not justified in any case. Animals are captured in the zoos in the name of education, conservation and research. Animals know it better how to deal with their lives and space rather than us interfering in their habitat. It is not entertaining at all to see animals confined in a small space and doing tricks when asked by a master. They go through constant torture to entertain us at zoos and circuses even if they don't like. If we love our dogs and cats at home, why should we care less for the ones held captive in zoos and circuses. Let them roam free where they actually belong to.

On behalf of all the humans, I am sorry Harambe. You lost your life while being held captive in a place where you never belonged.


  1. Humanity is exist in animals noadays but not in humans itself

    1. We capture them, cage them and ask them to entertain us, yet we call ourselves civilized!