Why the Kapil Sharma Show is a hit ?

Why the Kapil Sharma Show is so popular - Incredible Opinions

India comes to a halt for an hour on the weekends from 9pm to 10pm. Ask someone who lives in a foreign country and tried calling the family on the weekends got an answer, "Call us after 10, we are watching the Kapil Sharma show." Seriously???

Why is 'The Kapil Sharma Show' so popular?

According to Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB), there are 832 channels in India. These 832 channels have unlimited number of shows which run 24x7 on the screen. There was an era of saas-bahu where everyone would (specially ladies) stick to their television sets for the tear-jerking dramas between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Even though, this era hasn't diminished completely but the taste of the audience has definitely changed. With 356 million youths (the most number of 10-24 year-olds in the world, even more than China) India is in the need of quick witted humour and fast entertainer which is undoubtedly filled by Kapil Sharma.

The Kapil Sharma show is very popular and is probably liked for following reasons:
  1. No derogatory or double meaning jokes: Kapil Sharma's comedy is better than most of the comedy series we see on other channels. His comedy is mostly neat and is free from double meaning jokes.
  2. For all age groups: Kapil's show offers entertainment to all the age groups. Children love to watch his comedy too. His jokes are mostly family oriented which we all can laugh at while sitting with the whole family. 
  3. Personable: Kapil's show has  a format of interacting with audience which connects the host and the celebrity guests to the common man. He also has the skill to do it in common man's way that the audience feel themselves connected to the family portrayed on the stage.
  4. Celebrities: The concept of bringing celebrities or rather celebrities coming to promote their movies keeps the audience glued to their TV sets. Connecting celebrities to the audience with their conversations make audience believe that the celebrities are also approachable and they get to know more about their favourites celebrities.
  5. Navjot Singh Sidhu: His witty jokes, "thoko taali" and above all his perfectly timed shayari make Navjot Singh Sidhu a much desirable part of the Kapil Sharma show. His laughter which is often on not-so-funny jokes induces laughter. 
I, personally, love this show. I do not like slapstick comedy which causes physical hurt but is a laughter for some people. In a country where people look for entertainment in anything when they are tired after a long day's work, they do not care if the comedy is even making sense or not. All they want is entertainment before the hectic start of the weekdays and the Kapil Sharma show seems to be doing it.


  1. Well written, i specially prefer this show because it can be watched with family members.

    1. I agree Jyotirmoy. The perfect example is his studio audience which has all age groups. Also, including Khajoor, a child artist, has nailed it!

  2. This show is really hilarious even my 15 months old baby enjoys it. He laughs when Sidhu laughs and claps also with everyone.

    1. This is amazing to hear. I am sure Kapil Sharma will be excited to know that toddlers are his fans too. As far as Navjot Singh Sidhu is concerned, I agree with you. His laughter is contagious.