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Maa, mum, mom, mother, mummy, mommy - so many ways to call her but the superhuman called by these different names fills our lives with compassion and unconditional love by her imaginary super powers.

A mother's bond with her child starts with the umbilical cord. After this physical attachment is disconnected, another bond which keeps the mother and her child attached emotionally and psychologically all their lives is the unconditional love which mother always "gives".

A mom reads you like a book, and wherever she goes, people read you like a glowing book review. Robert Brault
My mom, very unique and special yet like every other mom in the world, has been very devoted to my well-being. She has been a housewife all her life which means she has been working 24x7 without any weekends and sick days off. I, not being a thankless daughter, want to thank my mother for all the love she has showered upon me and trusting me in all the decisions I have ever taken in my life. On this mother's day, I want to make some promises to my mom which I'll keep forever.

  • A Strong Woman: Mom, I have always seen you as a strong woman who would keep her head high with pride and your family has always been your pride. You have always taught me to believe in myself, to be firm in my decisions and to have strong yet compassionate attitude. Your silent sacrifices for my academic and career development won't go unnoticed. I promise you that I'll be a strong woman all my life and will excel in every milestone of my life. If I lose, I'll take it in my stride and will work hard to achieve it. I'll never quit and will continue to make a difference amongst those who believe a woman cannot do anything. 
  • A Perfect Wife: My colleagues at work never understood the concept of an arranged marriage. You and dad are the perfect examples of an arranged marriage I give them. It takes two to make a row but you are the one who provides strength to dad and keeps the family together through every thick and thin. I promise that I'll follow your footsteps and will be a perfect soulmate to my partner in crime. When we'll get angry or upset with each other, I'll try to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Although your son-in-law is already impressed with the wife he has chosen yet I still wish I could be more like you. 
  • A Great Mom: I have yet to receive the gift of motherhood but I have you to look up to for understanding the concept of selfless love. I may not be able to match up to the standards of motherhood you have set for us. As you say that there is never a "perfect mother" in the world, I'll live up to that.Your amazing skills of managing three kids of different temperaments have been unbelievable. Thank you mom for still loving us when we kept on throwing tantrums at you. I promise you that I'll be a great mother and will try to be at least a part of what you have always been to us. 
A punjabi song by Ranjit Bawa is so apt in this situation when I talk to my mother who is about 50,000 miles away from me.

"It is only mom who asks if I ate, everyone else asks about how much do I make."

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and expecting mothers in the world!

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  1. Our moms are seriously incredible and I came to know more when I became a mom !

    1. I wonder how they keep themselves cool when they have kids like us :) Hats off!