The Muse

A muse is an interesting character who stimulates our creative side and inspires us in our lives. It is like a role model whom we look upon as an inspiration. We definitely need a muse to grow further to live a disciplined, creative and a performing life. I am inspired by so many people in my life because I believe everyone is unique and they inspire you in a different ways.

If I have to jot down my few muses, I'd consider my parents as my first muse because they are my first inspirations who taught me how to get inspired creatively. I don't think anyone would disagree with me on this that parents teach their child how to be proactively creative by helping the child to speak the first word of his life. A child develops his creative perspective, beliefs  and consciousness from his parents first.

The second and the most important muse of mine is myself ! I believe in myself more than anyone else around me. I am a great inspiration to myself which keeps my conscience in high spirits and in ever learning mode.

Since none knows me better than myself, I know my strengths and weaknesses. I constantly look for development and improvement from my last attempts. I always inspire myself to do better everytime. I am a strong believer of self-consciousness which instills passion and creativity in oneself.

Constant exploration of myself in different circumstances of life tends to teach me lessons which I accept and implicate positively. For me, none can inspire you unless you have the passion or urge within to get inspired.

If you believe in yourself, confidence comes from within and it tends to create effective ideas and make positive impact on others and yourself too. If you happen to do so, you can be your muse too!

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  1. Well, I disagree partially with your first Muse. Parents can be our inspiration alright, but, not in all aspects. They taught us how to talk, how to eat, how to walk, etc. which are the basic things any parent would do and am sure any baby would learn despite the help from their parents. Evolution. Don't you think?

    My parents barred me from all the creative things. Nothing is allowed in my house. No music, no drawing, no book(fiction and non-fiction) reading, no TV, no singing/dancing/whatever, no sports. Don't you think all these come under creativity? Do you think sticking to studies and not doing any other activities is good for someone's creativity skills?

    At the end of this para, now I totally disagree with your muse. Parents, Indian parents especially, who are bound by all societal values and stress, can never be your muse. I don't blame everyone, but few. This doesn't mean I don't love my parents. They have their own way of showing love to the only girl they have.

    Second muse,

    Everyone can be their own muse throughout their life. :) True. Very true. But, since you started your article with 'few muses to jot down' I thought you'd be getting somewhere other than just you and your parents. Don't you think it is a wee bit narcissistic ? Well, its your personal blog and you can write as you please. But, as a reader, am just pointing out and sharing my opinions.

    Will be looking forward for more. :)

    1. Thanks Defiant for your comments.

      You are right, it is all about personal experiences. I do chose my parents as my first inspiration and it varies from person to person. I am the second girl in my home and I have never seen them showing love to me any different than my older sister.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinions.