Voice of silence

voice of silence
I have always been a people's person. Belonging to a joint family also made me surrounded by someone all the time at home. I enjoyed the time when everyone was around and I never had to think about my own space of solitude. This comfort zone of mine made my initial years in the foreign land really tough when I came to study in Canada. Living all by myself and silence around me made me homesick.

I, however, confess that whatever I have achieved till date is because of the contemplation I had in my silence while in solitude. Silence is a powerful way to make people think deeply about almost everything because the mind is quiet due to absence of any thoughts aroused by noise. We can then hear our inner self. This is where the whole intuition and boost comes from (at least for me).

depression statistics in the world

source: healthline.com

This infographic clearly shows that around 121 million people in the world are currently suffering from depression and India is having the most cases of them. We are so busy in striving for better life and existence that we have no time for ourselves. We are mentally punishing ourselves in the rat race literally having forgotten about our mental state of well being. We don't know how to embrace silence and quiet our minds from the unnecessary clutter.

Silence, on the other hand, creates a gap between our mind and the destructive thoughts. It makes us hear our own heart. Therefore, we tend to be close to our own self and appreciate our inner beauty. It makes us meet ourselves and think about the good and bad for ourselves. After all, it is always the silence between the notes which makes the music !

Silence always triggers wisdom. It helps in concentration. It is the same reason why libraries, as a courtesy, always ask the readers to stay silent so that the noise should not distract other follow readers during their study and research. We always look for a quiet study room at home during our examinations so that we can concentrate more, don't we?

When we are caught up in an argument, the best is to stay silent. It helps in avoiding the conflict which is going to further heat up the argument. Even though it is not easy to control, but it is very beneficial for the long run so that we have less to regret about. The urge to argue back definitely arises to prove ourselves right but there is nothing better than staying silent, smiling and walking away. The other person might not be in the right frame of mind at that time to understand our point. We can talk to them when they are calm and be able to understand our point. Staying silent is also considered the best philosophical way to take revenge when the other person in the argument is waiting for you to respond. A wise person has rightly said, "Silence is the best answer."

Silence is an incredible skill to possess at times when we are listening to somebody. It makes us listen more and talk less. The more we listen, the more we grasp the conversation. Acknowledging the speaker during the conversation while listening to them makes us great listeners. Of course, we need to learn how to talk as well when needed. Short silent pauses in the conversation emphasises the conversation more. It should not be the quantity and the volume of the words we speak but the quality (the lesser, the better) of the words which matter.

Silence, not necessarily, means that we are shy or introvert, it can also mean that we do not want to talk at that particular moment. Silence is preferred when we do not want us to be shouting amongst others to be heard. We may want it the other way or some other time for us to be heard. 

Silence, on the other hand, is not recommended when there is an act of violence or abuse involved. It is probably, the worst mistake most of the people commit when they are sexually abused. Reporting it to the police and family will help everyone know about the crime and the criminal. 

Silence, definitely, is a must-have tool in today's world where everyone is looking for peace and joy in their busy and chaotic lives but I always make sure that it doesn't stop me from meeting new people and making friends by staying quiet !

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