one such quirky friend of mine

one such quirky friend of mine

Every human being is unique in his own way. Similarly, my friend circle consists of so many friends yet none is similar to the other and possesses a different personality trait. Some are witty and cynical. Some are courageous while some are terrified. I do have some friends who are quirky as well. The most quirkiest of them all is J. She has remarkably a different opinion than anyone else.

I spend around 10 hours of my everyday's lifetime with her as she sits adjacent to my cabin at work. She became my friend not only because of her proximity to me at work but also her behaviour which is so weird yet innocent. She is so weird at sometimes but trust me, she is the only one who can get away with it. If someone else does it, they would be called I - N - S - A - N - E. Her quirkiness has landed her sometimes in trouble and being misunderstood by the people who don't know her(which is very rare as the whole office knows her) but those who know her very well, just love her for what she is.

J has a very unique and weird dress sense. Her formal wears and casual wears(on fridays only) doesn't have too much difference. For her, formal is semi-casual and casual is  also semi-casual. She is the only one in the whole office who looks different on fridays and of course, on weekdays as well. According to her, it is her style statement and there is nothing wrong in dressing like this. As I said before, she is the only one who can get away with such dressing sense. Even HR people don't bother as they know her very well.

She is one such foodie who can try any different type of food at any given point. She is always the first one to arrange lunch meetings in any restaurant which none has ever heard of. Even at lunch time in office kitchen, she likes to try everything everyone has brought from home. Cracking jokes while eating is must to mention which makes our eating and laughing together a troublesome effort. Going out for drinks seems so exciting for her on fridays after work. Of course, we all know that while at drinks, she is going to bring a random conversation topic and will make all of us to have say on it.

Bringing weird topic of discussions is her favourite pastime. What will happen if all go to mars? If our department is shifted on moon? I think I was crucified in my last birth? Do you know how did you die in your previous birth? - These are some of the questions she had asked us to have our say while we are so busy in meeting deadlines of our web development. Trust me, I don't know from does she get all these questions in her mind. In the office meetings as well, she always has her different say which is never wrong. Hey, did I tell you that she is the head of Creative Department and a mother of two? Huh ! She is, probably, the coolest boss.

Her opinions are always different than most of us and she never regrets about what she says. She is confident and a confidant as well. She is very innocent though which makes us believe in her. Being a trustworthy person, I always confide in her. Since I know that she is one such person with whom I can share what I feel, she always proves me right and never lets me down.

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