A world without internet

The world without Internet? I'd consider it an Utopia and would thank my stars to live in such a perfect world again. We are totally dependent on the internet and believe that we just cannot function without it but the world did exist before Mr. Tim Berners Lee invented this bliss called INTERNET in 1990.

I am going to turn the clock back to the time before 1990 when there was no internet at all. As I said earlier, the world did exist and functioned before(may be a lot slower).

Getting up early in the morning? No problem! Setting up the alarm in my traditional clock should work. No smartphones !!! Yes, no smartphones and digital clocks which have automatic software updates which can adjust my clock's daylight savings automatically without me even knowing it. Manually adjusting the clock should work but I shouldn't forget to change the settings every 6 months. Testing my memory !

No news gadgets on my smartphone or tablet, I must grab a newspaper which the vendor has thrown at my doorstep. I should rather take the newspaper with me to read it on the way to work. What if my train is late due to any weather condition or technical failure? No, I cannot find it online on the transit website because I just remembered that I am in 1989. I'll have to wait at the station, whatsoever, to find out if it is on time. If it is going to be late, I have no choice but to wait at the station in the chilling cold of -25 degrees.

Being a web developer by profession in real life, I would have pursued a completely different profession if there were no internet. So continuing the imagination, I'd rather be going to work to do something else than what I do today and enjoy it.

Life is over !!!
Let's look at some other aspects of not having internet in our lives.

Communicating with family or friends is so easy over the internet using skype, chatting over social media tools etc. Would it possible to see them and talk to them for free every day if there were no internet? I doubt so. It is true as well that internet has brought the world closer yet it has made families further apart. Kids grown up in internet's generation would never embrace the world without it where every relationship needs to start from a basic level of communication rather than texting each other on dinner table or liking each other's pictures on facebook.

A world without internet will crash all the businesses dependent on it (almost all of them). Since all the businesses are accustomed to market themselves using internet, there will be an absolute chaos in the finances. Addicted to online shopping? Just forget about it. A lots of people will lose their job (including me) who work in internet related job industry. Well, to survive, we must adapt to our local businesses and look for alternatives in the job sector locally.

Internet has sped up the lives, it will surely slow down when there is no internet at all and people will have more patience and respect for each other. We complain so much to our IT team when a webpage is slow to open by 0000.02 microseconds. It is also because we have to report to our boss quickly with the new information who eventually has to report it to his own boss in short deadline.

We must not forget that a man has invented internet and not internet has invented man. We should not surrender ourselves to internet completely and should make efforts to bring back the harmonious nature of humanity where loopholes of communication used to be filled up by talking to each other instead of quick emails with emoticons.

I'll not be posting this blog as there is no internet !

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