It's not my resolution

Saying "No" sometimes is okay !

It is January 2016 and like most of the people in the world, I have few resolutions planned for this year as well. I know that I might not stick to all of my resolutions till the end but there is no harm in at least making them. On the positive note, it makes me plan my year well and I come out a better planner ever year. The biggest resolution is ...not to have a to do list but to have NOT to do list. So here is my NOT to do list:

I have resolved NOT to say "yes" every time.  I must say "no" sometimes without feeling guilt of saying "no". I have had hard times when I have been asked or requested to do something which is not reasonable to do. I have felt terrible when I have said "no". I felt myself being selfish for turning down people's requests.

I'll learn not to say "yes" sometimes by acknowledging that I cannot make everyone happy and satisfied at the same point of time. When I am making someone happy by acknowledging their unreasonable request, I am also making someone else unhappy at the same time.

Also, if I don't acknowledge people's unreasonable requests, I should not feel the guilt of turning down their requests. I'd say "no" if I won't be able to fulfill their requests so that they can get their requests fulfilled by someone more appropriate rather than me killing myself to fulfil their request.

Compromising can be positive or negative. Compromising, for me, has always been finding the middle way of two possible opposite solutions. Over the years, I have learnt that compromising have always saved the relationships be it friends or family.

Sometimes, compromising with situations cause self-abandonment. Staying silent and feeling terrible afterwards is not going to happen. I am determined not to put anyone else in this situation as well when someone else has to compromise because of me. I love people and relationships but I love myself as well. We all should love and respect ourselves, there is nothing wrong in it.

When compromising makes one feel good inside, it is a positive compromise but if it makes one feel depressed and restless inside, it is definitely causing negativity in oneself. I'd "not" put myself or anyone else in a situation where we have to compromise on the cost of self-abandonment.

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