A little bit of secret

"Well I think every human being must have two faces, it’s very essential, one which you have for people in public and one which you have for yourself because when these two things are mixed together they make you a personality that’s fit for everybody and I think you have a private side to yourself I have it too."  These are the words of Sushmita Sen, the first Miss Universe winner from India, on  being asked if she has a private life to herself. I am a big fan of Sushmita as she, in true essence, is beauty with the brains. I do have a private side of myself which I enjoy it with myself. In my private life, I keep the minimum secrets, not because I cannot keep them and spill beans but just because I tend to forget them anyway.

I am a strong opposer of gender discrimination but researchers have found that women cannot keep secrets and the tongues start wagging in after just 47 hours irrespective of the confidentiality of the news. I am definitely not one of those, in case my credibility is questionable. So here I am spilling the beans and sharing couple of secrets that nobody knows except my better half.

I am blessed to have married my best friend who enjoys his freedom as much as I do. Both of us, working in corporate world, haven't felt the necessity out of courtesy to share our personal accounts information with each other except the one we share. These accounts can be social media networks, credit cards or my online ventures (including this blog). I do not deny the impermanence of life and not going to enjoy everything I possess after I die. Therefore, I keep a small notebook in my bag all the time where I have all the information of all the personal accounts I own along with the name of contact person(my husband), if something happens to me. I do have all the usernames, passwords and answers to all the security questions I ever been asked. So, If I die writing this blog, the chances are that my husband is going to publish this blog. This idea came to me, in 2003, after the sudden death of my cousin due to an accident who was just 2 years older than me and shared the closest bond with. Life couldn't have taught me another lesson of its transiency when I lost him. Since then, I have always ensured that I live my life everyday as this is going to be my last day.

Another secret of mine, which I would rather call a crazy one because it is about something I fancied while I was a teenager. Yes! I did write letters to Salman Khan ! (not with my blood, for Godsake). I used to write him so many letters and would send him a birthday card for sure on his birthday on December 27th every year. My parents thought that I had been such a bookworm who kept sticking her head to the books to ace all the exams. Concurrently, I had been a big admirer of Salman Khan and would keep his photos in my books. Well, I was not really bad in studies you know, A Gold Medalist in University, wouldn't let my parents guess that I could actually fancy someone along with my books.

As I said earlier, I tend to forget things but little secrets (if I remember) in life keep my life interesting and worth sharing it with people I love when the right time comes.

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