The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill - Book Review

The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill - book Review - incredible Opinions

The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Romance, Fiction
Author:  Abbi Waxman
Published in:  July 2019
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“Being with you is as good as being alone.” ― Abbi Waxman, The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill


After consistent nagging by my bookish friends, I finally grabbed the copy of "The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill" and just regretted why I didn't read this earlier. It is full of quirkiness, intelligence and fun. I wish it couldn't have finished for me.

'The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill' is about Nina and she is a bookworm who works at a local bookstore in Larchmont, LA. She suddenly discovers that she has a family and her life takes a 360-degree turn. Nina, who prefers solitude, now has brothers, sisters, nephews, and nieces. Around the same time, she gets to meet the man she likes but her anxiety messes it up until she comes out of her comfort zone and embraces the new normalcy with grace.

The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill - title Cover - Incredible Opinions

I loved Nina's character. She is so relatable. Every bookworm can relate to Nina's character in a certain way. Her character is so well-thought-out. The supporting characters are also portrayed and developed gradually and are skillfully linked to Nina in the narration. One of my favourite part of the book is how different relatives open themselves up to Nina and their similarities to Nina are revealed.

The story is just plain fun. The narration makes it even more fun with planners, chapter headings and dry humour. I loved so many things in this book including the book references, trivia nights, love for the bookstore, book clubs, and cats. In short, Abbi Waxman is my new favourite!

If you want to read a delightful, quirky and a witty characterization in a book with so many funny elements and book references, this is a MUST read.