The Finders - Book Review

The Finders - Book Review - Incredible Opinion

The Finders ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Author:  Jeffrey B. Burton
Published in:  June 2020
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“There are only two kinds of people in this crazy world of ours - those who like dogs... and assholes.” ― Jeffrey B. Burton, The Finders


Thank you 'Minotaur books' for sending me an advance readers' edition. I am a sucker for books with dogs on their cover and this book is no exception. "The Finders" is a first in "Mace Reid K9 Mystery" series and I cannot wait to read more adventures in this series.

'The Finders' is about Mason aka Mace Reid and his cadaver dogs. Mace lives in the outskirts of Chicago and specializes in human remains detection and trains dogs to hunt for the dead. "Vira", a female golden retriever has a brutal past and Mace adopts her. She joins Mace's crew and turns out the best cadaver dog Mace ever had. The situation becomes tense when the serial killer who hunts for women is after Mace and his cadaver dog who interrupted his one of the latest hunts. It is a thrill to read how Mace and Vira along with CPD and detectives hunt for the serial killer who is constantly monitoring them.

The Finders - title cover - incredible opinions

I loved the canine characters as well as Mace's. The love Mace shares for the dogs makes him likeable. The other supporting characters also play their part well in constructing the plot. The progressive revelation of the serial killer's backstory is impressive joining the dots which I felt disconnected in the beginning.

The writing is impelling, sarcastic and entertaining. The short chapters make the book engrossing. The suspense about the serial killer and its revelation is impeccably unfolded. Overall, the book is a great start to a mystery series.

If you love dogs and police procedural, mystery and serial killer themed books, give this a try!