The Girl From Widow Hills - Book Review

The Girl From Widow Hills - Book Review - Incredible opinions

The Girl From Widow Hills ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Author:  Megan Mirana
Published in:  June 2020
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Thank you Netgalley and Simon & Schuster for sending me an advance copy of 'A Girl From Widow Hills' by Miranda Megan in exchange for an honest review.

Having not liked Miranda's previous novel, I started this book with low expectations. The book grabbed my attention on the very first page. Thus, I couldn't stop finishing it in a day.

'A Girl From Widow Hills' is a psychological thriller by Megan Miranda and it involves around Arden Maynor who was caught in a storm while sleepwalking and was rescued three days later when she was six. Twenty years after, her past is still hounding her. She wakes up one night finding herself sleepwalking and get tripped on a dead body lying in her yard. Her life takes turn dramatically and she starts doubting her past.

I loved the plot. I mean, who doesn't like the thrill factor in sleepwalking and waking up to a dead body. The storytelling has been consistent and flawless throughout the book. The excerpts from interviews, phone calls, emergency reports etc. added depth and intensity to the events in the story and Megan used them skillfully.

The main character, Arden aka Olivia, has been unreliable since the beginning. I remain unsure if she has been lying or just can't remember anything from her past. It is even more intriguing because the main character is uncertain of the events and personalities around her, keeping the suspense level high. I DID NOT see the end coming the way it did and I loved it.

I'd recommend it to all the suspense lovers and Megan Miranda fans.