Perfect Days - Book Review

Perfect Days - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Perfect Days  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - Raphael Montes
Publisher - Penguin Random House

I saw "Perfect Days" recommended by a lot of people on bookstagram. The plot of the book looked interesting and the cherry on the top was that it was available in the library. What else do I need?

I am literally speechless at what I read. I finished this book in one sitting. A complete page-turner, Perfect Days, is a wild ride. A book which I might finished in one setting but will take days to recover from.

A medical student Teo falls in love with a young aspiring screenplay writer Clarice who doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings for him. Teo is a loner and he takes matters in his hands to make Clarice love him in return.

This psychological thriller is very disturbing yet addictive. It is narrated from the perspective of the psycho Teo, hence you would know what’s going inside his dangerous mind. Sucn an emotional ride of highs and lows and a “perfect” end. Once you read the book, you’ll have a different perspective of the book cover.

Raphael Montes’s first book which has been translated into English, Perfect Days, is a creepy thriller. If you are looking for a quick thriller, you should give this book a try.