The Night Tiger - Book Review

The Night Tiger - Book Review

Author - Yangsze Choo
Publisher - Macmillan

Number 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese culture.
A lot of insights like this into Chinese and Malaysian culture and I enjoyed learning about those. If you enjoy dreamy fantasies and believe in them, this book is for you. The concept of weretigers, dreams and mysterious deaths will keep you bound to this book.

A very young houseboy who searched for his master's severed finger after his master's death so that he could bury it with his master's body in his grave within 49 days else his master's spirit would be roaming aimlessly and would kill other people.

Another young protagonist who danced in a dance hall to pay off her mother's mahjong debts somehow got the severed finger and how the story intertwined with the young houseboy's search of the same finger kept me intrigued.

The romantic angle in the book wasn't intriguing and seemed like forced into the story.

Overall, it was my first book by Yangtze Choo and I would definitely look forward to reading another one from her in the future.