The Wedding Date - Book Review

The Wedding Date - Book Review

Author - Jasmine Guillory
Publisher - Penguin Random House

I was drawn towards this novel after reading "The Proposal" by Jasmine Guillory which came after "The Wedding Date". Jasmine Guillory is one of the best contemporary romance novel authors in my opinion.

Alexa Monroe and Drew Nicols meet in a stuck elevator and they talk to each other. Drew, a charming handsome man, has been invited to not only his ex-girlfriend's wedding but also he is dateless. He ends up inviting Alexa, whom he just met in a stuck elevator as his fake date for the wedding. Alexa agrees. This one day wedding affair turns into a situation where they can't get enough of each other.

Drew lives in LA and Alexa lives in San Francisco. They try to see each other in spite of their distance and busy lives. Their long distance relationship and both of them being too timid to commit to each other create misunderstandings and their relationship almost ends in a disaster.

Jasmine's writing style is easy and intriguing. The chemistry between both the main characters is portrayed so vividly that the reader can feel the connection between both of them.

Alexa's character has been very strong throughout the book and she comes out as a strong, independent and career-oriented woman. Drew is a charming, handsome, fun loving guy who is also very smart.

I absolutely loved the fake-real relationship between Alexa and Drew and it was very interesting to read how two high-powered professionals managed the long distance relationship which almost became a disaster!