Serious Blogging

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2 years ago, all I could think about is scribbling some notes in my personal notebook. These notes were supposed to be read by me only as I was too diffident to share them with others. Thus, becoming a writer was not even in my weirdest dream and then I came across blogging......

I am a great supporter of knowledge sharing. It helps an individual to grow and stay motivated. It brings recognition as well when you have more supporters who look forward to your ideas which ultimately helps in generating more ideas. When more people share their views and knowledge on a serious note by commenting or reviewing your blog, your purpose of becoming a writer is fulfilled.

In today's digital era, it is possible for everyone to become a writer. All you need is "a fantastic content" to engage your audience. The content has always been the king. Blogging does make you save time as it is hassle-free as compared to publishing a book but everything has its own cost. There are millions of blogs and your blog must have something different to prove itself. Redundant and someone else's ideas is going to push you down the line. Be unique and innovative when it comes to writing a blog.

Many people have been successfully making a change in the society by sharing their thoughts on various social issues via blogging. "Pen is mightier than a sword" - pen here is replaced by keys on the keyboard but they have the same power to influence the society by their words of wisdom. Blogging makes the writing more reachable to a distant audience where books can't reach. They are inexpensive to read and the audience can share their views instantly.

Serious blogging needs connectivity with the audience. So, being PERSONAL is important. Happy Blogging!